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Richard Schroeder originally built the Emergency West twin-engine wheelstander in 1985 and campaigned it for a number of years before his passing in 2007. The loss of the elder Schroeder, however, opened a brand new chapter, as his son, Chris, retrieved the truck from storage and took possession of it with the intent of returning it to its former wheelstanding glory.

Chris Schroeder joined forces with a gentleman known only as Desperado, and his team at Northside Choppers in Bartlett, Ill., and together they’ve invested countless, painstaking man hours to restore the Emergency West pickup to its original running condition. Featuring a pair of 520 cubic inch, supercharged powerplants with a combined 3,500 horsepower mounted in the bed, Emergency West is slated to make its return to the dragstrip in 2013 with a full schedule of events all across the country with Desperado at the wheel.

Emergency West is one of the most unique exhibition vehicles on the world. Whether it’s the two alcohol burning engines with 3500 horsepower, the flame show, the light show or raising the front end in the air over the quarter mile, fans are amazed at the show.

For booking information or more details, please contact Desperado at, (708) 362-3054, or Chris at

If you would like to see Emergency West near you, contact your local track and ask them to book us!